‘Savannah Women’s 5k & Half’

Client: Visit Savannah

This project was our second collaboration with Visit Savannah. Our goal was to promote the Savannah Women’s 5k & Half Marathon by creating a 30 second video that could be used in sponsored posts. The Visit Savannah team gathered volunteers to be talent in the video and gave us direction for the copy. Then they turned over creative control to us. We handled; scouting locations, creating a storyboard, filming, and all post-production.

The biggest challenge of this project was working with volunteers who had minimal experience in front of the camera. We like to have fun on our video shoots, and creating an environment where the volunteers felt at-ease was key to the production’s success.

The team at Vive Media made our vision come to life in a final project that was more beautiful than we could have ever imagined. They are always professional, extremely easy to work with and great at what they do.

Lauren ClelandVisit Savannah Director of Digital Market

What Made This Project Special?

We had a beautiful sunrise to start the day.

The Visit Savannah team gave us full creative control.

We worked with 8 incredible volunteers for the video’s talent.

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