‘A Perfect Day in Savannah’

Client: Visit Savannah

The goal of this project was to engage Visit Savannah’s followers by gathering votes for a ‘Perfect Day in Savannah’ itinerary and then creating a video based on the winning selections. That’s where we come in. For this project we; scouted locations, created a storyboard, filmed, and handled all the post-production.

Before the project, Team Vive had never been to any of the locations that we filmed at. With just one full day of location scouting and two days of filming, we were able to put together this piece that Visit Savannah was thrilled with.

The team at Vive Media made our vision come to life in a final project that was more beautiful than we could have ever imagined. They are always professional, extremely easy to work with and great at what they do.

Lauren ClelandVisit Savannah Director of Digital Market

What Made This Project Special?

We booked this project through a cold email that we sent.

The Visit Savannah team gave us full creative control.

We filmed at 10 locations in two days.

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