#TimelapseTuesday Videos

Client: Explore Charleston

The content we’ve been creating for #TimelapseTuesday has now become a staple of Explore Charleston’s content strategy on Instagram. The goal of this commission was to create fresh content for social that highlighted specific businesses and destinations. We collaborated with the Explore Charleston team to select 14 locations that would work well for timelapse. Then, we handled all the scheduling, filming, and editing.


Our timelapse and #dronerangs are two things that set our content apart from other creators in Charleston. We’re lucky to be able to have clients, like Explore Charleston, trust and embrace our own unique creative style.

We completely trust Vive Media to run with our initial vision and tie in their own creativity and talent to produce unique, high-quality content that highlights the Charleston area in an amazing light.

Hannah ShafferMedia Relations Manager

Social Media Content

In addition to the long-form work we’ve done for Explore Charleston, we consistently provide them with timelapse and drone clips for them to post on Instagram and Facebook. Here are a select few.

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