Accepted Student Weekend

Client: The College of Charleston

Every year the College of Charleston hosts thousands of students and parents during Accepted Student Weekend.  We were commissioned by The College of Charleston Admissions to create a video that would kick-off the two-day event.  Working together with a producer at CofC, we crafted a script and storyboard that focused on the beautiful city and landscapes that surround the College.  Then we handled all the filming and editing of the project.

This video was presented in the TD Arena in front of 4,000+ students and parents, and was part of a successful Accepted Student Weekend which resulted in a record number of same-day commitments to attend the College.  Further, the video went on to be viewed more than 350,000+ times on Facebook, with comments such as, “I can’t even put into words how incredible this video was…. So many tears right now.” and “…try not to cry, I dare you.”

As CofC graduates ourselves, we were honored to work with our alma mater.

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