Hank’s Seafood: A Lowcountry Legend

Client: Charlestowne Hotels

Hank’s Seafood Restaurant has been voted Charleston’s best seafood restaurant for 18 consecutive years. Our goal was to show viewers how Hank’s sources its seafood locally and sustainably from boat-to-table. To share this story, we focused on one of Hanks most well-known dishes, The Bouillabaisse.

This was a two-day shoot. On day one we filmed with Clammer Dave and did a pre-light in our kitchen location. Then, on day two we captured all of the cooking and finished plate scenes. Additionally, we recorded the voiceover in studio with some authentic Lowcountry talent.

What Made This Project Special?

The crew got to eat everything we filmed.

We shot 90% of the food shots on an Fs7 with a macro lens.

We celebrated wrapping filming with a team polaroid (check it out below).

Other Deliverables

Some smaller pieces that are being used for auto-playing website videos on

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