Ecuador Freedom ‘Dirt Deluxe’

Client: Ecuador Freedom Bike Rental

In August 2018, we had the opportunity to collaborate with Ecuador Freedom Bike Rental. Our goal was to create video content to showcase and sell their self-guided dirt biking tours. At the time, we had no idea how much of a wild adventure we’d signed ourselves up for.

Our crew arrived in Quito Ecuador, ready to embark on The Dirt Deluxe 6-day Self-Guided tour. The folks at Ecuador Freedom hooked each of us up with a DR650, a GPS, and hotel reservations for each night along our route. Then we hit the road, and we were on our own. We video of the entire journey, and it’s probably our favorite creation of the entire year because we got to re-live the experience over and over again during the editing process.

That was the absolute BEST Motorcycle adventure video I have ever seen and I have watched thousands. Wow. I can’t express how excellent that is. Unbelievable. So worth the wait. You are truly amazing.

Court RandCo-Owner Ecuador Freedom Bike Rental

What Made This Project Special?

We got stoked. Really stoked. Everyday.

We played soccer with the locals in a tiny village.

We experimented with 360° cameras for the first time.

Other Deliverables

In addition to the main film you saw above, we also delivered a number of short video clips for social media.

We took a few photos along the way too. 

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