‘Charleston Sea Island Living’

Client: Kiawah River

The goal of this project was to showcase the incredible nature and lowcountry lifestyle that future generations will enjoy at Kiawah River. To do this, we crafted a two-minute video, as well as a ten shorter pieces for social media. Anytime a storyboard calls for; fly fishing, birding, kayaking, crabbing, sunrise over the marsh, and lowcountry boils you know it’s going to be a fun project.

Having an amazing location and cast makes everything else easier, and we have to thank the Kiawah River team for both of those. Aside from that, we handled all the pre-production (storyboards, scheduling, preparation), filming, and post-production.

Our Second Video Shoot

In 2019, we were hired back for a second time to create new video content for the development. This year we handled everything from hiring the talent, to storyboarding our ideas, filming, and video editing. We were able to make a development with just a single model home feel like a thriving community.

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