Charleston ‘A Timelapse Short’

Client: Matt Anderson Properties

The goal of this project was to create a stunning timelapse video of Downtown Charleston, SC to help realtor, Matt Anderson, launch his new website with a bang.

In the past, we have captured Charleston’s landmarks via timelapse countless times. For this project, we had fun finding new angles and experimenting with new techniques to create a unique one-minute timelapse film.  The footage you see below was captured mainly in two full days of filming. Shot and edited in 4k.

I have worked with the team at Vive on multiple projects and they consistently deliver visually stunning work that helps us attract and keep our target audience engaged.

Matt AndersonOwner - Matt Anderson Properties

What Made This Project Special?

We filmed all these timelapses in two days.

In between lapses, we boosted boards and took drone #selfies.

We got hired to do what we love. Timelapse.

Other Deliverables

In addition to the main film you saw above, we also delivered a number of short video clips for social media.

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